The Legacy Harvest Foundation (LHF), Located in Atlanta, Georgia is an organization founded on Christian Principles. The Legacy Harvest Foundation, has a mission to empower communities financially, promote economic development and equity while decreasing barriers to opportunities through our programs. This is done through two primary services, including our career coaching programs and financial resource assistance services.


The Legacy Harvest Foundation has been in operation since 2012, providing workshops for youth 16-24 and mature workers who are 55 and older. While LHF is located in Atlanta, Georgia, our positive relationships with state agencies mean that we can serve individuals around Georgia. Our foundation work is specifically in providing financial resources, economic development, and workforce development.


In response to the immense need for financial resources post the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe our role is crucial to create opportunities for all, with a specific target on youth 16-24 youth. This includes creating employment opportunities, talent pipelines, and advocacy for job skills training. Over the last 12 years, LHF has developed a strong reputation among referring agencies (e.g., City of Atlanta, DeKalb County School System, AARP SSCEP, DeKalb CTAE, etc.) to take youth with the most severe barriers few others are willing to serve. As funding opportunities open, LHF's will hire a fantastic, committed, and highly trained team while obtaining volunteer resources.


In addition, LHF's financial resource assistance program assist individuals with significant barriers, including providing financial aid through rental assistance, utility bill assistance, financial hardship funds, and scholarships. These programs align with our agency's mission and have been particularly effective at providing youth with opportunities to change the direction of their lives and families the financial resource assistance needed to get through challenging times.

We believe by showing support, resources, compassion, and love; we can change the world.-

Jerry Myers, Executive Director


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